Best Funny and Humorous Websites

Here I have collected some websites which updates with humorous, weird, funny, entertaining, interesting, and jaw-dropping pictures. Some of their topics are like this, 10 of the World’s Worst Jobs, 10 Real Houses Inspired by Cartoons, World’s Most Crowded Places, 10 of the World’s Most Bizarre Laws, 13 Creative Condom Ad Campaigns, World’s Oddest Couples and so on…very long list!
These site have very large collection of interesting topics, ranging from daily used topics to rare one. They not only serve as a source of entertainment but also provide good knowledge. So, here’s the list of my favourite:

Top on the list is

This is a Blog on Oddities: the odd, bizarre and strange things of our world! And it is my favourite one. No doubt what it says is what it shows on its blog. Give it a look and I am sure you will love their topics.

Second on the list is

Well this is similar to which links to a number of different blogs, updated by different people round the Globe. In a way it is connecting bloggers. You will need to use your brain to understand the meaning of the topics it has. Anyway it provides daily dose of entertainment.

Third on the list is

As it says “The best humor site on the internet. Funny videos, funny pictures, jokes, and original comedy videos.” Yes has very good collection related to college buddies. Not only pictures, it also have a good collection of funny videos.
So, this is my list of humorous websites and what is yours? Don’t forget to post yours in comment below.



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6 responses to “Best Funny and Humorous Websites”

  1. Sushant Avatar
    Sushant is wonderful, I send much time on youtube. As they have good funny videos.

  2. Ankit Avatar

    @SushantYes,oddee is quite interesting blog, I spend hours on this site!Youtube provides only videos not pics.

  3. Provamsi @ India365 Avatar
    Provamsi @ India365

    I guess you should add this blog to this list. Its truely worth a spot here mainly the first spot.

  4. Soumen Halder Avatar
    Soumen Halder

    Some more.. lamebook,, Flyyoufools and faking news

  5. Ankit Avatar

    @SoumenNice share… is very interesting, Flyyoufools is of comic type…but all of them are entertaining. Thanks.

  6. sam Avatar

    Yes you are right some of these websites are great and provide loads of funny and jaw dropping photos 😉 Cheers,

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