Activate Media Player Control Buttons in Laptop Touchpad

There are lot of features that exist in the small touchpad, which is used as primary device to control mouse on laptop. Physically there are two buttons which are used for left and right clicks. But virtually there are four more buttons on touchpad itself (at each corner).

Well, these four buttons are not visible but can be used for many applications like to control sound, launch application, control browsing, minimizing & maximizing windows and so on. I thought the best way it can be used in controlling Media Players. This is because, let us suppose we are doing some work and using mouse, at the same time we can also control media player very quickly by simply tapping at corners of touchpad.

I have tried this on Synaptics Touchpad, which come with many laptop brands. Hope these settings would also be available in other touchpad too. Set-up is very simple. Let start this tweak…

1. Open Mouse Properties by Right Click on desktop > Select Personalize or Properties > Click on Change Mouse Pointers. A new window of Mouse properties will pop-up, go to Device Settings and click on Settings button.
2. In new window expand “Tapping” then “Tap Zones” and select Enable tap Zones.
3. Now select Bottom Left Action from left Pane and select Pause/Play the Medial Player from main pane by scrolling in box.4. Select Bottom Right Action and Launch the default Media Player.
5. Similarly for Top Left Action select Select the Previous Track in the media player and for Top Right Action select Select the Previous Track in the media player. Finally, press Apply and OK.

> You can also adjust the four tapping areas by increasing or decreasing the virtual button size. For this select Tap Zone Sizes and adjust the area according to your convenience.

Make media player buttons on touchpad by permanent marker, like this:
Voila! You are done with all the settings, launch the default media player by tapping at Bottom Right corner of touchpad and start playing music by tapping at Bottom Left Corner. You can also use these buttons while the Media Player is running in background!

Have fun with this time saving tweak. See you in comments below…



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    Anil Roy

    Can I use this feature on ubuntu? As my laptop have synaptics touchpad? The is really wonderful time saving feature.

  3. Ankit Avatar

    @Anilyes, off-course you can use in ubuntu too, if you have driver installed. Go through the mouse setting. Hope you will get the required setting over there.

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