6 Best iPhone and iPad Apps For Students

Both for communication and studying, iPhone marked to be the best smartphone available in the market for the student population. Just April of last year, one-third of U.S high school students were reported owning an iPhone while college students accounted almost 95%. With the huge percentage of ownership of the device amongst students, there came creation of iPhone applications catering educational needs of the scholars. Below is the list of best iPhone and iPad apps for students which come in handy in class discussions, presentations and the likes.


6 Best iPhone and iPad Apps For Students-evernote

Mainly designed for notetaking and archiving, Evernote added more features to the app which made it more useful and attractive for students and even businessmen.

This application allow its user and support the use of tags, iCloud syncs, separate notebooks and many more. Taking of pictures and even recording of audio notes are also possible in this iPhone app. What makes this application perfect is its great syncing support allowing users to access their notes across all devices. The most interesting thing is that evernote can be downloaded free of charge.


6 Best iPhone and iPad Apps For Students-dropbox

For students who spends significant amount of their time at school writing, it is essential for them to have an application where they can store their essays, notes, term papers, etc. In this case, dropbox is the application they need. Dropbox give 2GB of storage for free making it possible for students to store and access their important school files and documents anytime with secured internet connection. There are paid options available incuring more than the free storage given.

iTunes U

6 Best iPhone and iPad Apps For Students-itunes-u

This iphone app supplies great resources and educational materials from lectures, syllabus, presentations and related content that come straight from top universities in the world. Students who use iTunes U can easily download educational stuff found here and share in all their iOS devices as this app synchronises with iCloud account.


6 Best iPhone and iPad Apps For Students-readability

Simple reading view of articles online, permission to change theme and font of the text of a given content are some of what Readability offers to its users which majority are students. There are content available online not comfortable for phone reading which this app fixes. Free sign-up to this app also allows viewing of all saved articles on a desktop PC.


6 Best iPhone and iPad Apps For Students-Dictionary.com

This portable and cheaper iPhone dictionary comes in handy when the need to remember or find the meaning of a given english word arise. Installing this iPhone app with a database of over 2-million word definitions as well as synonyms and antonyms is equal to carrying a hefty Oxford English Dictionary. Offline access to the dictionary is also feasible so students without phone internet can still use the app which has built-in thesaurus function.

Quick Graph+

A graphing calculator in a mobile phone, that is Quick Graph+ which is cheaper and more convenient to carry than the real one. Engineers and those students taking up math courses can make good use of this iPhone app which has the ability of plotting graphs and supports cylindrical, polar, coordinate systems, hyperbolic and inverse functions as well as cartesians.

Studying are made easier with the creation of phone applications helping and assisting students in doing their academic tasks. Students must utilize these mobile apps in its maximum potential for time-efficient, smart and organized learning.






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